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Welcome to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

A guide to Whistler Village Restaurants enjoy a variety of establishments from casual to gourmet, including family diners, bistro cafes, fine dining, ethnic, italian, thai, cantonese

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Whistler Village Restaurants - (47 Listings)

Kaytering Whistler

Full service catering in Whistler and area since 1988. Cooking classes, diner party cooking classes, nutritional classes, team building classes.
PO Box 585, Whistler, BC
Email: kaytering@telus.net
 P: (604) 932-3262

Citta's Bistro

Whistler, where the odds are good and the goods are odd.
4217 Village Stroll, Whistler, BC
Email: cittas@telus.net
 P: (604) 932-4177

Thai One On

4557 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-4822

Sushi Village

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-3330

Quattro at Pinnacle

Quattro at Whistler has won over critics, visitors and residents alike with its invitingly warm service, contemporary Italian cuisine and an extensive wine list, recognized by Wine Spectator as one of the world's best.
4319 Main St, Whistler, BC
Email: tanis@t2communications.ca
 P: (604) 905-4844

Kypriaki Norte

4122 Village Green, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-0600

BearFoot Bistro

In The five short years since the Bearfoot Bistro has opened its' doors, it has earned some of the industries' highest accolades
4121 Village Green, Whistler, BC
Email: info@bearfootbistro.com
 P: (604) 932-3433

The Den at Nicklaus North Golf Club

8080 Nicklaus North Boulevard
Whistler, Nicklaus North, BC
 P: (604) 932.1240

Trattoria Di Umberto

4417 Sundial Place, Whister, BC
 P: (604) 932.5858

The Wild Flower

Chateau Whistler Resort Lobby Level
Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-2033

Wok-On Take Out

1072 Miller Creek Rd. Function Junction
Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-0067

Mountaintop Dining

Atop Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-1616


230-4370 Lorimer Rd, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-0155

McDonald's Restaurant

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-2813

Whistler's Premier Chinese Restaurant

Whistler Garden, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-9781

Whistler Cooks! Catering Co.

We cater to your needs on location for dinners, lunches, breakfasts or receptions. We specialize in groups of 20 or less.
4-1345 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler, BC
Email: chef@whistlercooks.com
 P: (604) 938.8835

La Bocca Restaurant & Bar

4232 Village Stroll, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-2112

Mad Cafe

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-6666


202-4000 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-3244

Old Spaghetti Factory

A visit to the Old Spaghetti Factory is more than just a meal out. Our restaurants are living museums of Canada's colourful past.
Whistler, BC
Email: admin@oldspaghettifactory.ca
 P: (604) 938-1081

Mogul's Bakery & Cafe

4202 Village Square, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-4845


4119 Golfer's Approach, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-4011

Peaks Coffee House

26-4314 main St, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-2980

The Crabshack

4005 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-4451

Resort Room Service

Whistler's Multiple Restaurant & Personal Shopping Delivery Service
Box 1364, Whistler, BC
Email: rfi@resortroomservice.com
 P: (604) 905-4711

Raven's Nest Mountain Deli

4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932.3434

Red Dragon Chinese Eatery

105-4369 Main Street RR 4, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 966-0966

The Mallard Bar

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-8000

Tandoori Grill

201-4368 Main St, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-4900


110-4368 Main St, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-6282

Hot Pot Etc.

Whistler's only Shabu Shabu (hot pot) Specialists. Healthy, low fat, high protein meals; Cook it yourself experience; Kids love this!! Have your taste, at your pace. Can't Miss!!
104-4369 Main Street, Whistler, BC
Email: leungsimon@hotmail.com
 P: (604) 938-0128

Wizard Grill

4545 Blackcomb Way - Blackcomb Mountain
Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938.7701

Rimrock Cafe

2117 Whistler Rd, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-5565

Keg At The Mountain

A casual steakhouse with a contemporary flavour. Its atmosphere encourages people to relax and enjoy.
4429 Sundial Pl., Whistler, BC
Email: humanresources@kegrestaurants.com
 P: (604) 932-5151

La Brasserie

Whistler Village Square, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-3569

The Whistler Gourmet

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-3949

Millar Creek Cafe

1-1200 Alpha Lake Rd., Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-1151

Whistler Noodle House

4330 Northland Blvd., Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-2228

Horstman Hut

4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932.3434

The Second Cup

4299 Mountain Square, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-2744

Monk's Grill

4555 Blackcomb Way RR 4, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-9677

Samurai Sushi

101-2011 Innsbruck Drive RR 2, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 935-0055

La Ra Ristorante

4557 Blackcomb Way (in the Chamois Hotel)
Whistler (Upper Village), BC
 P: (604) 932-5011

Tex Corleone's

4005 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-0839

Zen Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy sushi, sashimi and robata like you've never had before paired with an extensive selection of premium sakes to complete your dining experience.
2232 Marine Drive , West Vancouver, BC
Email: zenwest@zensushi.ca
 P: (604) 932-6431

Starbucks Coffee Co.

11-4295 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-0611


4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-4565

Whistler Village Restaurants

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