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A guide to restaurants in Whistler our online guide includes a variety of establishments including Whistler Japanese Cuisine and so much more. Middle Eastern, British, Cantonese, Chinese, East Indian, Greek, Italian, fine dining

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Whistler Japanese Cuisine - (7 Listings)

Sachi Sushi

4359 Main St. (#106)
Whistler, Village North, BC
 P: (604) 935-5649

Teppan Village Steak House

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-2223

Sushi Village

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-3330

Hot Pot Etc.

Whistler's only Shabu Shabu (hot pot) Specialists. Healthy, low fat, high protein meals; Cook it yourself experience; Kids love this!! Have your taste, at your pace. Can't Miss!!
104-4369 Main Street, Whistler, BC
Email: leungsimon@hotmail.com
 P: (604) 938-0128


230-4370 Lorimer Rd, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 905-0155

Nanbantei Of Tokyo

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-3380


4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-4565

Whistler Japanese Cuisine

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