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Welcome to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

A guide to Whistler Village Tourist Attractions and sightseeing. Listings include fairs, markets, exhibitions, art galleries, historic landmarks and so much more.

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Whistler Village Tourist Attractions - (9 Listings)

Whistler Public Library

Whistler North, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-5564

Black Ohm Tattoo

We are an custom art oriented tattoo studio, located in Function Junction, which thrives on the challenge of blending our clients ideas with the creativity and experience of our artists.
#203-1040 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC
Email: info@blackohmtattoogallery.com
 P: (604) 938-8878

Binkley Sculptor in Stone

Michael strives to create sculpture, which will seduce the eye, stir the soul, and entice the viewer to touch. Subject matter includes animals, pure abstracts, and the human form.
535 East First Street, North Vancouver, BC
Email: info@binkleysculpture.com
 P: (604) 984-8574

Whistler Village Art Gallery

Whistler's oldest gallery. We are conveniently located in the "Gallery Row" section of in the Delta Mountain Resort in the heart of Whistler Village.
4050 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC
Email: info@whistlerart.com
 P: (604) 938-3001

The Whistler Inuit Gallery

4599 Chateau Blvd., Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-3366

Whistler Museum

Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-2019

The Northwest Connection

2-4234 Sunrise Alley, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 932-4646

The Plaza Galleries

22-4314 Main St, Whistler, BC
 P: (604) 938-6233

Freestyle Framing & Art Gallery

Specializing in memorabilia of sports, medals and service awards.
122B-4338 Main Street, Whistler, BC
Email: freestyl@direct.ca
 P: (604) 932-4077

Whistler Village Tourist Attractions

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